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15/07/17 prelude : this is just me being excited!

Holiday! The best word there is in my book to be honest and after months and months of doing nothing else but work and of course spending some time with the relatives and friends in the weekends, I was more than glad to do something entirely different.

Since I only got a few days off from work, this meant I couldn't go far away, but that's not too bad either coz there are still so many places to discover in my own country as well as in my neigbours. I must admit that I not only love my Dutch neighbours, my German ones are equally fun and since I love their food and their culture, it wasn't too hard to figure out where my next destination was going to be.

A few years back, I decided to follow into the footsteps of the famous brothers Grimm and ever since I am mesmerized by the beauty of the country. It is hard to tell why, but since that trip, my love for the country grew more and more and I can only hope that it continues for decades and decades to come!

16/07/17 road trip towards Germany

Today was finally the day I could leave for my short break and although the weather wasn't at its best, for me the grey clouds in the sky were just fine. I had a 330 km drive ahead of me and if it was too hot in the car, it wouldn't have been much fun to drive.

After a relaxing breakfast and making sure I had all my stuff I needed in the car, I checked if I got enough gas and of course the most important thing, MUSIC with me and as Willie Nelson was singing "on the road again", this was the best sign ever that it was time for me to leave Belgium behind!

Travelling through the Netherlands, about an hour or a little bit later, I even arrived at the German border and as I was passing it and thinking that it is still nice knowing that the borders are open and everything goes so much smoother with this simple fact, it was also time to have a bit of a break.

Halfway into the drive, I found a road restaurant where I bought a cup of tea, had a pastry with it (after all, I am on holiday) and after a quick visit to the restroom, it was back on the road again.

The ride went very smooth, no traffic jams or whatsoever and I don't know if it has something to do with it being a Sunday or because loads of people are on holiday themselves, but it was nice for me that I arrived a little after 12 AM in Paderborn, my homebase for the next couple of days.

As I was checking in at my hotel, it was nice that I could already use my room and as soon as I dropped off all my stuff, I headed of to the centre of the town of Paderborn. 


I once visited this town almost 7 years ago when my brother and dad, who restore old German tractors wanted to visit a certain museum in the region and to be honest, had I known then that I would have been here again today, I would have certainly thought I was crazy and maybe I am coz here I was again!

Thinking of this little fact, I started smiling and thinking of that song I like so much of one of my favourite singers Dolly Parton, I was walking towards the centre of town, where I arrived about 10 minutes later. I stopped at the first restaurant I came across because I just was that hungry and luckily enough they had nothing else but yummy food.

With a full tummy, I decided to walk around town taking pictures of all the important sights of this small town and since the shops sadly enough weren't open, I guess about a few hours later I had seen it all.  


It was just too early to go back to the hotel again and since I wasn't even that hungry after my big lunch, I decided to have an early dessert, after all it was already past 5PM, so this was more than allowed in my holiday book of things to do!

Walking back to the centre of town, I found a rather large ice cream parlor which is run by the Italian family Artusa and I must admit that I loved their ice cream so much that I already decided to come back here again just to close of the days! 

As I was slowly heading back towards the hotel, I past along a beautiful park and while the sun was trying to reach through the clouds but failed, I enjoyed the warmth of it, together with loads of other people.

By the time it was 9 PM, I was back in my room and together with a few folding guides of the region I found at the reception of the hotel, I am sure I am going to have a great time here at Paderborner Land. I ticked off a few things I wanted to see and a hot shower later, I just watched a little bit of TV and went to bed a little after midnight.

17/07/17 a closer look of the Teutoburg forest and its sights!

This day was the day I was looking forward the most and also the main reason why I wanted to come to this region in Germany in the first place, but when I opened the curtains of the room, I just felt like lying in my bed for the rest of the day coz it was raining cats and dogs.

It was actually a bit disappointing to see the rain and although I was thinking of seeing the rocks on another day, while checking the weather forecast on my phone, it seemed that it would stop raining at 10 AM. I was a bit in doubt wether to believe a satellite or not, but for the sake of modern age, I went along with it.

Breakfast was served at the first floor and of course was more than satisfying for my simple needs. Since I had more than enough time, I sure took my time with all the lovely food that was presented in front of me and a little after 9 AM I thought I had seen more than enough food and got all my stuff together and jumped into my car, destination Extersteine.

The drive on itself wasn't that long, about 20 minutes and as I left my car behind on the carpark and slowly walked up to the stones, the weather changed from slightly rain towards dry with grey clouds. Looking at my phone I noticed it was almost 10 AM and I really thought someone was playing a trick with me, can it be that precise????

I am not really a person who believes everyhting she reads and still am a little bit hazardous to the wonderful world of the internet, but slowly I need to rethink some of these things and have to accept the fact that it is the way it is. Does this sounds strange ???

Exactly at 10 AM the counter desk in front of the stones opened and it was a bit strange to see that I was the only person there. It seemed that I was the only one interesting in these stones, which stand strong till this day and date back all the way from the prehistory.


This sandstone rockformation consisting out of several columns have a bit of a mystery surrounding them. The stones are identified as a sacred place where pagan Saxons came to worship there gods, but it also has been one time or another a Christian chapel because people have cut a scene of Jesus life into the stone. It is called the descent from the Cross and you can listen to the story at the edge of the outher column in 4 languages, even in Dutch. This was strange to see, but nice as well.

During WWII the Nazis were also interested in these stones, thinking they had some kind of power, but while ignoring this little fact, I just walked up the stones and admired the view. 


While taking a few pictures, I suddenly heard a few voices and was pleased to see I wasn't the only one anymore. A German couple had found me and while talking a bit about the stones and such, it was nice to hear that they too were surprised to see so little people, maybe everyone got a bit scared of the rain, who knows?

In the surrounding area of the stones, there is also a possibility to do some walks. The stones are surrounded by loads of forests, so ideal for a day of walking in the shade, but since the weather wasn’t all that good, I decided to do one of the smaller walks instead.

There is a choice of 3 small walks which vary in length of 1.4 to 2.5 kilometers and start at the info center of the stones. Since I still wanted to see a bit of the region as well because of the weather, I decided to go for the nature trail which was called the “Schliepstein Walk”.  It was the smallest trail of them all, about 1.4 kilometer and it was a pleasant walk in the woods surrounding the stones.

As soon as I got back at the info center, I first had a quick stop for a nice hot cup of tea and met up with the friendly German couple again who also wanted to go for a walk. They decided to go for the “Knickenhagen Walk” which is about 2.5 kilometers.

Saying our goodbyes to eachother and seeing them go into the woods, I just walked back to my car and looked up the address for that other place of interest in the Teutoburg region, the Hermann Monument.


This statue of the Germanic leader Arminius (Hermann for the people nowadays) is said to be the tallest monument of the entire of Europe and of course, when I read that last night, I wanted to go and have a look.

It was but a 15 minute ride from the stones to Hermann and as I parked my car, I had to walk for a few 100 meters till I finally noticed that gigantic man on a pedestal.

Hermann was some kind of Germanic leader, some say even from royal blood, during the Roman period and was imporant because of the battle of Teutoburg, called after the region it all happened. I know, they were so inspiring when it comes to naming their battles in the prehistoric times. I don’t exactly know what it was all about, something with the Romans fighting with the locals for a piece of land (why would they otherwise fight for in those times) and I am sure you can all find it on the internet with bloody facts and all.

Hermann is indeed quite impressive and while it must have been a challenge to build him, I must say that I was also a bit impressed when I walked up the 75 steps and had a more than beautiful view of the surrounding area. Although most of the region consists out of forests, it was also nice to see all those small villages and towns in the background.

Just like the Externsteine, there is a posibility to go for walks at the monument. After all, the entire Teutoburg region is known for walking and doing hikes in the neirby forests, but as it already was a little after 12 AM, I started to get hungry as well and dediced to head for the nearest town of Detmold where I arrived about half an hour later.

Searching for a car park was a bit difficult since there were major road works at the edge of town, but somehow I managed to find a good spot at the main street of Detmold, only a 10 minute walk away from the old town.

Feeling so blessed with the change of weather going from grey and cloudy to sunny, I had a big smile on my face! Of course, a bit of food could do that to me as well and after a quick lunch, I decided to have a walk around the old town.


After about half a day of wondering through the streets of the town, doing a bit of window shopping, relaxing on a few of the many terraces and just enjoying the break from work, I decided I had enough fun for one day! Of course that’s not true at all, but as it was already a little after 5 PM, I wanted to go back to Paderborn.

Upon arrival at my car, I was completely chocked to see that someone had broken into my car. A small glass at the passenger side was broken and when checking everything, I noticed they stole a small wallet with a bit of money (actually just coins) which I was using to pay the car parks if needed.

Luckily enough not much was stolen and while hoping that the thief or should I say thieves, would choke in their food and have a cruel death, I cleaned up the mess as good as I could and drove off to the nearest gas station where I could vacuum the car and find something to close the window.

When I finally arrived back at the hotel about 2 hours later, I must say that I lost all my appetite and instead of going for a full meal, I just went for dessert. Ice cream really is the best comfort food there is, there is no doubt about it!

Not really in the mood for doing anything else, I decided to have an early night in the hotel and watched a bit of television, hoping that tomorrow would be a better and brighter day.

18/07/17 cruising through Paderborner Land

When I opened my eyes, a brand new day awaited me and although I still was a little bit upset because of that thing that happened to me yesterday, I decided I was not going to let it bother me!

The sun was still shining brightly upon the sky when I came back from breakfast and as soon as I grabbed all my stuff and my map of things to do for today, I was out on the road to discover the Paderborner region.

My first stop wasn’t all that far, about a 10 minutes drive away from the hotel and situated in the green suburbs of Paderborn. Schloss Neuhaus is said to be one of the most important water castles of Westphalia and this has probably something to do with it being a former Bishop’s residence.


The building with 4 wings and round corner towers is very beautiful and according to my leaflet, build in the Weser renaissance. Sadly enough the castle itself can’t be visited, but when I had a quick look at the courtyard of the castle, I noticed that one of the wings is housing a primary school and I guess in a way this is kind of nice coz nowadays most castles are in private hands or museums.

Outside there is a huge Baroque garden which needed a bit of weeding when I was there in the morning, but when I walked a bit around the area, I noticed a few men doing just that, weeding.

Since it was still early in the morning, needless to say that I was almost on my own again. Once in a while a cyclist past my way and I really got the impression that the garden nowadays is used as a public park and why wouldn’t it be!

Back in my car again, I quickly typed in my next destination, which was the small town of Delbrück.

I had set myself an itinerary last night with all the things I wanted to see here in the region. I only had one day left and although the region is very much known for its bicycle trails, I decided to take the easier option and did everything what I wanted to do with my car, talking about a short road trip.

Arriving in Delbrück, I noticed it was a very, very small town and with roadworks going on in the center of town, I almost passed it.

The main reason I stopped at this tiny place was because when I read a bit more about the Paderborner region, I got a bit intrigued when they wrote that the historic square of this place was housing a church with a crooked tower which should be visible from miles away.

I must admit that the square is beautiful with a church surrounded by medieval half-timbered houses, but seeing the tower from miles away … that’s just plain crazy. Had this been the case, I would’nt have passed it!

After a nice cup of tea at the local inn and passing by a bakery shop to buy some yummy pastries, I was on my way again cruising the hilly roads of the region.

Next stop on my itinerary list was Anreppen. This small village on itself is just like thousand other villages in Germany, hadn’t it been for one tiny important thing in the past.

During the Roman period, this was the place where once stood a reinforced army camp of about 6000 soldiers. I don’t know how they know something like that because when I finally arrived after a detour of more than half an hour because of road works on a bridge, I saw nothing else but one gigantic open field filled with grass en pebbles. Luckily it was surrounded with other fields filled with corn, so in a way it is the ideal stopping place when going on one of the many bike trails of the region.

Upon my arrival at this place, I parked my car next to the information center which was just a wooden shack with loads of information about the Roman period.

There was not that much to see on the terrain, except for about a dozen of information boards which give you kind of an idea how life must have been when the Romans ruled the world!

Although I was a bit disappointed that there was nothing to see but a ditch that might have been used as a latrine for those thousands of soldiers, it was in a way the ideal place to have a quiet lunch in the middle of nature.

Except for a dog owner who loved to go on a run with his best friend, I saw no other soul, it was that quiet! Crickets however had to be found with the dozens coz their music was pretty loud at times.

It must have been almost an hour later when I decided I had enough rest for the day and while the sun was still shining brightly, I drove off to my next destination, Salzkotten.

This town is very much know for one of the most important ingredients there is, to be more precise ... SALT!


Although nowadays there is no salt extraction anymore, you still can find a salt museum as well as some kind of installation they used to extract salt. Since I am not really a technician, it is hard to explain how it all works, but the town on itself is really worth a stopover.

Except for the fact that salt is the main attraction of the town with a few small sources which are good for your wellbeing, the center of town is also filled with beautiful half-timbered houses which the country is so known for.

After a relaxing walk through town and a few terraces later, I decided that by the time it was 3 PM, it was time to go back to Paderborn and do some shopping.

Luckily this time nothing did go wrong and by the time it was 7 PM, I lost some money in a more pleasant way. Feeling much better than yesterday, I looked up a local burger joint and after a more than yummy meal, I slowly walked back to my hotel.

It must have been a little after midnight when I finally got to bed after searching all my stuff together, ready for my ride home tomorrow.

19/07/17 homewards it is!

Even on my last day here in Paderborn, the sun was shining quite brightly and if I can believe the weather forecast (which I now know I can!), it was going to be a very hot day, even hotter than yesterday.

Somehow I wasn’t really looking forward to that coz I still had a bit of driving to do later today.

After breakfast, I went upstairs again to my room and made sure I had all of my belongings with me which I packed the day before and after checking out, I went into town for one last time.

On Saturdays and Wednesdays there should be a big farmers market in Paderborn and before I left, I wanted to have a closer look on what was for sale in this region.

Upon my arrival, it was still very early and although some people were already selling there products, to my surprise, the market wasn’t that big. When I asked someone about it, it turned out that loads of people where on holiday themselves and who can blame them!

Still, I must confess, there was a large variety of meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, cheeses and all other things that you normally can find on such markets. Surprisingly most of the products were even grown organic, something that you can’t always find on Belgium markets. If you want organic veggies, you have to go to specialized markets or supermarkets. Sadly enough, in our country their is still a long way to go, to go organic!

Because it was still early in the afternoon, the heath was quite enjoyable, but by the time it was 11 AM it became a bit hotter, so after a drink or two on a terrace and something small to eat, I decided to drive back home. After all, it was still about 4 hours on the road.

When I left Paderborn behind me, the roads were a bit busier than on Sunday and more than once I came across a few traffic jams.

Halfway up the drive, I had a quick stop for using the restroom and all of a sudden the weather changed from sunny to dark clouds and it even looked like it was going to storm. I almost got blown away and we can't have that of course!

By the time I was on the highway again, it began to rain heavily and sadly enough I took the rain home with me where I arrived a little more than an hour later safe and sound. My short break away from everything was over, but on the other hand, another short break awaits me in August, so I am happily counting the days till that time!

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