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05/07/2016 : Germany it is!

When my alarm clock went off at 6 AM in the morning, I was glad that for once it wasn’t for going to work but for something completely different, to be more precise, a break from daily life and away from all the usual hustle and bustle.

Mind you, I must admit that a few weeks before, when I asked my boss a few days off from work, I was so afraid it wasn’t possible because of the busy year and all, that she really surprised me and granted my wish. At first I was completely overwhelmed because somehow I didn’t expected her to give me even a few days, but once I was over the “shock”, I started planning thing, what to do with just a few days?

Since going far away abroad was out of the question and city tripping was a bit too expensive this time of the year, with all the last minute ticket hunting and all, I resorted to going on a bus holiday. I could have gone for a road trip myself like I did last year, but when I read the program this particular bus company offered, with all meals included, I must admit that the price just did it for me. All I wanted was a few days off and go to a place where I just could go with the flow and didn’t have to think about organizing things and bookings and so on, I guess I was more than ready for this much needed break!

After I got something into my system and packed my little bag, I drove off the the bus company where I arrived about an hour later and got to meet a few of my fellow travellers which of course where almost all of age, but somehow I didn’t care about this little fact at all and as soon as we resorted to our designated seats, got to know our driver Chris and our guide Angèle, we were on our way towards Germany and to be more precise, the Spessart region!

During my trip last year to the Hesse region, I must admit that I loved it so much that when I read the program and learned it was possible to visit more of those typical Brother Grimm villages and towns that it caught more than my attention and I wanted to go and explore this region a bit further, even if it meant I had to travel with more than 30 senior citizens!

When the bus was finally on the move, I claimed the back area of the bus all to myself and with a bit of fine music, it didn’t take me too long to doze off. Seems I was more tired than I thought I was coz I only woke up when our guide started talking about the current city we were passing, which was Aachen or maybe some people know it better as Aix-La-Chapelle, a city I have visited more than once and which I love so much, but I guess that maybe some of the older folks on this trip never had the chance to see the beautiful black cathedral and now from afar they finally could.

It must have been about one and a half hours later when we had our first short stop, so that people could stretch their legs, go to the toilet, have a drink or do whatever they wanted as long as they arrived back at the bus about half an hour later. I took the opportunity to meet up with a few people, who surprisingly enough live close to my hometown and one couple even have a daughter who is just a year younger than me and went to the same elementary school I did, so cool in a way!

After our little break, we drove further into the Hesse region and arrived about an hour later at Limburg an der Lahn, our only stop of the day before we were going to arrive at our homebase for the next 4 upcoming days, Weibersbrunn.

Limburg an der Lahn is one of the many small towns in the Hesse region which has that typical small medieval centre or Altstadt (old town) like the Germans like to call it, with loads of half-timbered houses.



On the edge of the old town, there is a small hill which you can walk up to and leads you automatically towards St. George’s Cathedral, the main “attraction” of the otherwise small town if you like and although our guide Angèle could talk so passionate about the history of the church and all, my interest was soon gone and I drifted of to that other interesting building, the bishop’s residence which according to our guide was the focal point of a scandal not so long ago when former bishop (yes, he had to resign!) Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst or also called “Bishop of Bling” renovated this particular building (or to be precise, two small buildings) to his own taste with money from not only parishioners, but from gifts he received from people for the poor in the world. Instead of using it for the people or organizations who needed it, he used it to enrich himself and it is said that the total cost of the residence go well over the 31 million euro … nice price tag if you ask me.

I don’t know where he put all the money into, but I guess the inside must look like one gigantic golden house, otherwise I can’t understand it at all, but thanks to our current pope who put a stop to it, unlike the former one who turned out to be a close friend, it seems that even till this day, you can’t really trust the Catholic Church or am I wrong at this point???

As soon as I had a quick peek at the yard of Limburg Castle, the rest of our group arrived as well and although we had given about an hour of free time to wander around, most of our group hooked up together at a small terrace and enjoyed a cup of coffee or even the well known German beer, which I am afraid to say is not that tasty, but that’s just me!

When the group was once complete again, we walked in a slow pace back towards the bus for our final kilometers towards Weibersbrunn, where we arrived about a few hours later.

Our guide Angèle took it upon herself to get our roomkeys as quick as possible, so that people still had a bit of time to relax or freshen themselves up before dinner at 7 PM, but since this wasn’t really my goal, I just dropped of my bag into the room and went outside again to see a bit more of the village of Weibersbrunn, which turned out nothing more than one big street with a few hotels and houses where no-one seemed to live in.

The village itself is closely situated near the highway and it seems that people live in this tiny village because it is close to some major towns. Tourists who happen to come here, are generally passing by on their way to their final destination in Germany and Austria and to be honest, I must admit that my first evening in the Spessart region was not exactly what I thought it would be, maybe tomorrow I will feel different about it, but today I was a bit disappointed.

Luckily dinner made things a bit better, maybe food and drinks will do that to a person and with a full stomach and not ready to go to sleep yet at 10 PM, I walked around Weibersbrunn or should I say the big street, once again, only to reside to my room about an hour later and enjoyed a nice hot shower before I tried out the bed.

06/07/2016 : exploring the region

Although it was still pretty early when I woke up, another bright and sunny day awaited me and now that I was here in Germany I decided to make the most of it. I booked this trip purely to clear my head from work and because I wanted a bit of change as well, so this was it, I had to grasp it with both hands and go with the flow, just like I intended to do at the first place.

Promptly at 9 AM every single soul of our group was ready for another day here in the Spessart region and as soon as we were all seated, our driver Chris drove off for a ride through a part of the large woods called “Odenwald” which consists mainly out of oaks and beeches. Of course there are more than enough other species of trees growing in this large area, which made sure that the people living in the region since medieval time had more than enough wood to build houses and other wood products.

The name of the region “Spessart” is derived from the german word “Spechtshardt” of which the first part means woodpecker and the second hilly forest. Most probably this woodpecker forest was filled with these little birds and I guess when walking through it at that given moment in time must have brought a person to madness coz they produce a lot of noise or at least here in Belgium they do!

For centuries these hills and forested valleys of the Spessart were the private hunting domains of the German nobility and bishops and that is mainly the reason why large parts of the woods remained more or less untouched by the outside world till even today. The small villages who were once surrounded by the woods and forests have grown over time and today we were going to visit a few of them of which the first one is Wertheim.

Wertheim is situated at the mouth of the river Tauber into the Main and is basically known as the glass blowing town. Although there is a large museum at the edge of the town where you can learn more about it and even have the possibility to check out the modern factory. Sadly enough our guide Angèle told us this wasn’t included in the program, something she thought was quite a pity and I definitely have to agree with her, if it is typical of the region, why don’t go and check this out. It seems that this program needs a bit of adjusting if you ask me!

Instead of going to see the glass factory, our group was dropped off at the edge of the old town and our guide took us along with her for a guided walk trough this rather small medieval town center. Till this day the center of town still has a few old half-timbered houses, but the main passion of our guide Angèle, like yesterday, seemed to be the towering late-Gothic collegiate church, which is a protestant one.

As soon as we were seated inside the church, she told us all about the building which was said to be erected on Roman ruins as well as the differences between being Catholic and Protestant and although this might seem fascinating to some, I find it a bit boring, but that’s just me and I was more than glad to be out of the church after listening to her stories for more than half an hour.

The old town isn’t that big and just like yesterday I was a bit disappointed and thought it would be more “magical”, but I guess that is also one of the reasons why the fairy tale route is situated a bit north of the Spessart, for everything there is a reason of course.

Once back at the beginning, to be more precise the edge of town, we were brought to a boat and were told we were going to make a boat trip for a little more than half an hour on the river Main where we could have a better view on the town of Wertheim as well as the forests surrounding the town and river.


Although the sun was still doing her best to shine, as soon as we took off, the wind made sure it was still a bit chilly on deck, but with a nice hot drink in front of me, I was all set to go with the flow this time and enjoyed every moment of it, I really did.

The boat ride was a bit short and could have easily took much longer when I was concerned, but I guess like most people, I started to get a bit hungry as well and as soon as we were of the boat, we slowly walked to a small restaurant where lunch awaited us and I must admit that I loved every single bit of the local delicacy we received, which was some kind of tender meat with boiled potatoes and horseradish as well as red currant sauce, some didn’t like the flavor of the horseradish because it was a bit spicy but I cleaned out my plate, I guess the water made me hungry!

As soon as we were all finished, we had a little bit of free time to have a closer look at the local shops, or I guess our guide wanted to have a closer look, but instead I skipped window shopping all together and just walked back to the carpark and enjoyed more of the sun on a little bench, were soon enough I got company of a few fellow travelers and started talking about the small things in life, live can be that easy.

When we were completed again, all 36 of us that is, we went back on the bus and drove of to another small town in the area, Miltenberg, which is very much known for its historical market square or “Schnatterloch” as it is called in German. I just love those German words, can’t help but smile whenever I am in the country, maybe that is one of the reasons why I love it so much.

For the first time since I have been here in the region, I must say that this little town really made me happy. The half-timbered houses are more than beautiful and the fact that the sun is shining bright on us, makes sure we were are all in a more than good mood. Angèle wanted to guide us through this small town as well but soon figures out that most of the group just wanted to relax and have a cup of coffee on one of the many terraces, so instead we just set a time to be back at the bus and we all went our separate way.

Along with an ice-cream in my hand, I went on discovery in this more than small town and soon figured out that there was only one main street with many shops, a beautiful market square, a castle on top of a hill that was closed and an old church. Funny enough when I went inside to have a look, I found our trusty guide inside with a few people while she was giving them the full explanation about this small but yet beautiful building. That woman really loves her churches!

Once outside again, I just wandered of to some of the alleyways and with a little bit of time to spare I enjoyed a cup of coffee myself at one of the many terraces at the beautiful market square, this really is holiday in my book!

Time flies when you are having fun and although I could have easily stayed a little bit longer, sadly enough it was time again to go back to Weibersbrunn, but not without one last look at the Miltenberg bridge and gate over the river Main.


It must have been a little over an hour later when we are back at our home base and although we have more than enough time to relax before dinner which is at 7 PM, I take our guide Angèle up on her word and together with a few others, we are up for a small walk around Weibersbrunn, which turns out to be a bit more hillier than first imagined. Sadly enough my initial thought still remain coz Weibersbrunn is but a small dull village, but I have become to appreciate it, after all, it is just a place to sleep, nothing more, nothing less.

As soon as I am back into my room, I went for a nice hot shower and a change of clothes and once back at the restaurant I was up for a small aperitif and dinner, at the rate I was going right now, I am sure to gain a few pounds once I go back home again, but at the moment, I didn’t mind to much, after all, I am on holiday!!!

By the time it was 10 PM, I decided to have enough fun for one day and although I had a few glasses of red wine into my system, I still decided to walk all the way up to the third floor instead of using the elevator. I succeeded, although in a very, very slow pace and once my head touched the pillow, I was off to dreamland, wondering what tomorrow would bring!

07/07/2016 : castles and palaces

Surprisingly enough, when I woke up this morning and also a little bit later than expected, the sun was already shining brightly in the sky. I must admit that after weeks with nothing else but rain and even more rain in Belgium, this was more than a welcoming change and I was in a more than good mood from the moment I jumped out of bed.

Getting dressed wasn’t too big of an issue and as soon as I walked downstairs for yet another yummy breakfast, I was already looking forward to another sunny day. Today we were going to visit a few beautiful castles, if I had to believe everything our guide was saying that is, but in a way it made me curious, so I was more than glad that we could finally leave for our first visit of the day, which was Hessenthal, situated about half an hour away from our little village.

Hessenthal or more in particular its tiny church, is very much known for its “Lamentation of Christ”, which is a famous sculpture of the artist Tilman Riemenschneider. I must admit that I had never heard of this fellow, so just like any other member of our group, I walked inside the little chapel, just to hear our guide and the priest on duty talking on and on about what a great sculptor he was. According to both, he must have been one of the greatest sculptors of the late middle ages, but maybe I was being a bad tourist coz after a few minutes I just left the chapel and walked outside again, glad to see that I wasn’t the only one. A few older gentlemen of our group didn’t find it all too interesting as well and just like me they enjoyed the outside air and the sun which was shining bright and high up in the sky.

It must have been more than half an hour later when the rest of the group appeared again looking somewhat confused about what the priest told them I guess coz some of them even had a harsh time finding our bus and our driver again, what was going on here???
I already knew that I was a bad tourist, but now I even become a curious one coz I wanted to know all about it.

When I talked to someone about it, she just told me that he was rambling on and on about the middle ages and the history of the village as well as the sculptor so, it turned out I didn’t miss one thing … yeah!!!

Back on the bus again, we drove off for another visit in the neighborhood, which was the beautiful moated castle of Mespelbrunn. Still till this day it is in the private hands of the family of the counts of Ingelheim, who despite their reluctance to open up the castle for the public, finally caved in because of the lack of money, it is just that simple. Yep, even “rich” people seem to have a hard time these days.


After paying the entrance fee, there was a guide already waiting for us and just with a handful of people we could finally go inside the castle and have a look at how the other side lives, if you can call it that. The entrance to the rooms was quite unique and I loved the stoney stairs so to speak, but once inside, we first went into the hunting room which is said to be a very beautiful one, but to be honest, I don’t know what was so beautiful???

Firstly, the room smelled very musty. Secondly, with every step you made, it seemed like you woke up one or the other death relative and thirdly, what in the name of the good lord is so nice at seeing one dead animal after another when it is either beheaded or its fur lying on the ground … I missed it completely and I was more than glad to be out of that room!

Since it was forbidden to take pictures, and to be honest, who wants to take pictures of something like that, it made the guiding part of our “damsel” in front of us so much easier and in an hour she guided us through all the different rooms which were exhibited at that moment, going from the sitting area, library, the children’s room, the parlor to even the guest bedroom.

Once outside again, the sun was still shining so brightly that we decided to walk all the way towards the restaurant where a yummy fish lunch awaited us.

With still a bit of free time to spare, I made use of the time for another leisurely walk towards to other end of the town, but besides loads of houses and a tiny chapel in the distance, there was not much more to see, a disappointment really coz when I compare this trip with the one I did last year, I must admit that this is a complete different part of Germany and it is only 50 kilometers apart from each other. Strange, but nice to know as well.

Back on the bus again, we drove off for another castle visit or to be more precise, a palace visit, which was about an hours drive away, located at the edge of the city of Aschaffenburg which on its own is known as the most important city of the Spessart region.

The city Aschaffenburg is mostly known as being the "Bavarian Nice" amongst the neighboring states of the country. If this is true, I cannot say coz I have never visited Nice and secondly, since we came here solely to visit the Palace Johannisburg, I didn’t see much of the city itself. The bus just drove us straight towards the palace which sadly enough was partly under construction.

Although our guide, Angèle promised us that we had more than enough free time to wander around the palace area, she urged the whole group to follow here inside where I soon enough figured out that the whole building was one gigantic museum. My first thought was that we were going to see more “splendor” than we already saw at the smaller castle earlier today, but instead when we headed for the first floor, we only saw some models of what the old castle in the medieval times might have looked like and how it changed over the years.


I must admit that our guide is a sweetheart, but when she gets to talking about a certain subject, you can see that she is so passionate about it, which basically means that time passes by before you know it. After listening more than half an hour to the history of the medieval model of the palace in front of us, I quickly figured out that we weren’t going to have any free time anymore coz the bus was going to pick us up in just a few hours, the only thing left for me to do was to tell Angèle that I was leaving the group and I was going to see them again at 5 PM at the entrance of the palace.

Leaving the scale models behind me as well as our group, I soon discovered it was a long way out of the palace, after all, it is a very big building.

Something peculiar I found on my way out, were several rooms filled with cork models of important buildings we all know today, like the Colosseum in Rome. Strange to look at, but on the other hand, the detail of the models were quite impressive. Besides more models, there was also a floor of which every room was filled with nothing else but old furniture as well as an entire floor with contemporary art of German and Dutch painters. Interesting for some, but modern art isn’t really my cup of tea and I was more than glad to be out of there and walked into the open air and into the sunshine.

Although the inside wasn’t for me, the outside of the palace was more than beautiful, especially coz it was located so close to the main promenade from where you had an amazing view on the palace and its garden. Walking next to the river Main was quite relaxing and I even saw the Pompeiianum in the not so far distance. In a way I felt sorry that I left our group coz with leaving them, I also missed out on the ticket for visiting this museum, which is basically a replica of an ancient Roman villa.

Once I arrived at the villa, I just had a quick look at the place from the entrance door before I headed back in a very slow pace towards the palace.

Still a bit impressed by the unique garden which lead you through different pathways towards higher and lower view points on the river and the palace, I also found the next best thing, a terrace with a view.

With a little bit of time to spare, I relaxed at the terrace noticing that I wasn’t the only one of the group. Talking to some, I soon learned that Angèle lost most of her group as soon as she was on the second floor, leaving her with only a hand full of people who she agreed upon to visit the Roman villa.

I must admit that I could have stayed at that same spot for quite a while longer, but it was almost 5 PM and together with most of our group who also found their way towards the palace terrace we walked back to the entrance of the palace and afterwards back to the bus which was going to bring us back to the hotel.

Although we had some time to spare before dinner, I didn’t really felt up for it to go for another walk through the village, so instead I just relaxed at my room and as soon as it was time to go downstairs again, I awaited another yummy meal, not even mentioning about the delicious desserts they serve here at the restaurant.

With a full belly, I couldn’t go straight to bed, so instead I went for a short walk in the company of two older ladies who turned out to be sister-in-laws and although both there husbands were dead, they decided to travel at least one a year together. I thought it was nice to see such a friendship and as soon as we were back and it was just too dark to stay out, I went back to my room for a nice hot shower and a goodnight’s rest.

08/07/2016 : a “fairy” good day

When I woke up this morning, I thought that the weather had changed upon us as the forecasts for today weren’t that good, but as soon as I opened the curtains, for once I was glad that they were wrong. Although a bit cloudy, I knew that today again was going to be a good day.

In the morning, we were going to visit Lohr am Main, which is in a way the gateway to the nature park Spessart.

Although Lohr is but a small town, just because it is so closely situated to the woods, it thrived through the ages from a small insignificant village to a town that is so beautiful that it comes straight out of a fairy tale, if you can see through some of the more modern buildings of this day and age.

For the first time since I have been on this trip, I was glad to be in this town because it reminded me so much about my last year’s trip and maybe that is also one the reasons this town is also called the home of Snow White. As our guide Angèle explained to us during our walk through town, this had all to do with the father of “Snow White”, who was an important mirror maker.

Of course we all know the beautiful fairy tale, but according to our guide, the “truth” is a little bit different. According to her, the story goes like this … once upon a time, in the small town of Lohr there lived a handsome widower with his young daughter who needed to marry again. But because he was a man with a trade, he couldn’t just marry anyone. But against everyone’s advice, he did. He married a beautiful younger woman with 3 children and no money. Hoping that his second marriage would bring nothing else but bliss, they all lived a happy live and as years passed by, the widower became more and more known for the art of making mirrors. Back in the day, this meant that he became a very wealthy person because Counts and other important people from all parts of the region came to his house to buy such a mirror. Live was good, live was great, until the day the widower died himself. "Snow White" once a very young girl grown into a beautiful young lady, but more importantly a wealthy one as well. More than a bit jealous of Snow White, who after her fathers dead became the sole heir, the stepmother wanted her dead and Snow White somehow sensed that. Not knowing who to turn to and more importantly would believe her, she ran away into the deep forest of the Spessart, knowing that once she returned, her stepmother wanted her head. She ran straight into a small forest village with strange looking people who accepted her after she told her story. For a few years she lived happily with her new found family until one day a huntsman of a neighboring town of Lohr arrived and discovered that a beautiful young lady was living between these odd looking people. He immediately noticed that she wasn’t from this village (looks and brains … is that possible?!?) and asked her about it. As Snow White was telling her story she was lucky that back in the day, a huntsman also acts like sort of a policeman and because she was a bit scared of going back, the huntsman returned to the town of Lohr and paid a visit to the house of the stepmother, who during the years lived in wealth and was hoping for a third and more importantly more wealthy marriage. During this sort of interview, he learned the truth and while the whole town believed the young woman was dead because of a story the stepmother told, the huntsman made sure that everyone knew that Snow White was still alive and he made sure that she could return to her town and got her money back, or what was left of it.

Did she marry the huntsman or not, I don’t know, that is where the story of our guide ended, so you can choose your own happy end or something else if you like, but if you are a believer like me, you will certainly end with a nice marriage, a couple of kids and a nice castle and of course, they lived happily ever after … sigh, isn’t that just beautiful!!!

After our nice little walk we ended up at the only castle of the town of Lohr (home of Snow White of course), which these days is a museum where you can find more details about the history of the town and the Spessart forest. The museum itself is well worth a visit, especially when you reach the upper floor of the castle and find all the mirrors which were made back in the time. It is true that the town was a bit know for this craft, so it nice to believe that the story of the beautiful Snow White was true as well. Sadly enough, we will never know this for sure, but for the people living in the town, she is forever connected with them and throughout the streets, you will find numerous references to this young woman.

With a little bit of spare time left, I spend most of it enjoying the warm weather on a small terrace with a nice cup of tea. It slowly hit me that although this wasn’t the best vacation I ever had, it still was a nice one, away from work and everything and sadly enough, it was also our last day. Tomorrow we were going home again, but I didn’t wanted to think so much about that.

As soon as we were all back on the bus, we drove back to our hotel for lunch which was a very extended plowman’s lunch and a yummy one as well.

Our guide told us that in the afternoon we were going for a walk into the forest and although I was very much looking forward to it, I was more than disappointed because from the moment I stepped inside the bus, which was going to bring us to the entrance of the National Park, Angèle told us that she changed the program.

Because 90 % of our group wasn’t able to walk for a very long time, she decided to change the walk into a bus ride through a part of the forest. This meant that we drove for about an hour or even a bit more, through the forest and although I wanted to walk alongside the beautiful big trees, now I could only see them behind the glass window of a vehicle. This for me, was really a major disappointment. Words can’t describe this, that’s for sure.

I guess she somehow knew that besides me, a few other people were disappointed as well, so after our drive, we ended up at the edge of the forest in the vicinity of a big hotel. While most people offered to relax at the terrace of the hotel with a glass of liquid, me and about 10 others joint our guide for a village walk.

Although it wasn’t the most pleasurable walk, because what is there to see when you walk alongside some modern street houses. It all made it a bit interesting when of course, Angèle got lost again. I was besides myself. I know that she couldn’t help it, but how on earth is it possible that she takes out a group of people out on a walk and gets lost in the process, and more importantly in such a small village where I think it is not possible to get lost.

Maybe that was one of the reasons she cancelled the forest walk, in a way I was thanking the lord coz when we were lost there, we were never to be found again. Now we knew we had to end up back at the hill somewhere and although we only wanted to go for half an hour walk, we were all smiling when we arrived back at the terrace of the hotel with a nice cold drink in our hands. It really made up for the disappointment earlier today coz half an hour later we were all laughing about it and why not, nothing bad happened, so even for us this was a happy end of the day.

Once back at the hotel, there was still some time to relax before dinner and together with a few others of our group we wandered of to the nearby hotel where we had a few drinks on the terrace and discussed all the things that happened during our trip, for me this was a great ending of the day as well as the delicious dinner that followed, so in the end, a day with ups and downs that I will never ever forget, that’s for sure!

09/07/16 MAINhattan

Our last day here in the region and for some reason, the weather changed from good, to dark and cloudly. It seemed that even the weather told us that it was time to go home again and as soon as we packed all of our stuff together and had one last breakfast, we did just that.

Today we were going to have a morning visit to the big city of Frankfurt am Main. I must admit that this wasn’t exactly a highlight of the trip, but Angèle got my attention when she told me that some people also call this city the “Main”hattan of Germany. I must admit that I visited Manhattan myself in the past and although I love the city of New York, I didn’t had one clue why she made this comparison, until she told us that the skyline was equally beautiful.

It took us a few hours to drive towards the city and to be honest, once we arrived at the center of town, I was more than glad that I could finally stretch my legs.

Chris, our driver dropped us off smack in the middle of the city, at a place called “Römerberg”, which was basically the center of everything during Medieval times. I have to admit that this market square lookalike was very beautiful, filled with nice old buildings, but our German guide kept on talking and talking that at one point I thought she was related to our guide Angèle. She was even worse to be more precise and at one point I was even looking for escape routes out of here, but sadly enough we didn’t mention an hour when we were going to leave here, so I didn’t had a choice, I had to “undergo” everything.

I guess we must have been standing there more than half an hour, when we finally moved from our place next to the fountain to the inside of the City Hall, where we arrived at the Imperial Hall which was filled with paintings of all the rulers of Frankfurt am Main or to be more precise, all the emperors from medieval times till now and let me tell you know … never ever go inside this place with a guide coz you’ll never know when you get out of there. Outside our guide was telling us on and on about the Medieval times that at one point it wasn’t even fun anymore but inside the Imperial Hall, she kept going on and on about all the emperors and although some of them were maybe interesting, I didn’t think it was necessary to talk about them for almost 2 hours, for once we all shared the same thought, how can we go out of here and where can we run to!!!!

It was almost 12 AM when we got out of the place and although we said thank you in the most friendly way we know, even our guide Angèle was glad to be out of there and that says everything!

Although, we were still meant to do other things like visiting the Jewish Cemetery and so on, because our German guide was going on and on about the last centuries filled with more than a dozen emperors, there wasn’t much time anymore. We even had to run so to speak to visit the Main Tower and because most of our group wasn’t able, we were just left with a handful of people who ended up on the deck of the tower, which was quite high and reminded me just why I was afraid of heights!

Once back on terra firma, I agreed with our guide that I went back on my own to the center of the city and as soon as I got the time we were supposed to leave again to Belgium, I wondered of to different streets making sure I would see the most of this city in so little time.

In less than an hour, I managed to get back to the “Römerberg”, had a quick visit to the Cathedral were a wedding was going on, had a bite to eat and even scored a delicious ice cream dessert, I was that good!

Back in the bus again on our way home, I must say that I wasn’t really impressed with Frankfurt am Main, but than again, I hadn’t seen much of it as well and as soon as we crossed a gigantic bridge towards the other side of the river Main, I finally got it when they say that it reminds people of Manhattan. My gosh, it was a really beautiful skyline and as we were driving home, I was thinking, this is not the last time I visited this city and I really want to visit this city once again. It seems that there is still so much to discover, Frankfurt am Main, I am certainly coming back if you like it or not!!!

A short stop along the way and about 5 hours later, we arrived back in Mol, the hometown of the bus company and as soon as I said goodbye to some people of the group, I drove back home where I arrived about an hour later. I was glad to be back home again, but on the other hand, it meant that my short break was over as well.

Maybe in a way this was a sad thing, but on the other hand it means that I can plan new holidays and visit other places and countries, so what is not to like.

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You have visited amazing places... Good for you!

by Vic_IV

Short breaks like this are so healthy for you mentally and physically. I am glad you got to do this. We had a lot of stress this past winter and my spouse had a major job change on the horizon. So we booked a last minute trip two weeks before he moved to his new job. It was the perfect change of pace for him to relax and revive before moving on to the new job. Loved your photos.

by littlesam1

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